Anonymous said: Are you visiting portland anytime soon?

summer probably

Anonymous said: Soo why are you in New York now? For fun? Done with Portland? What're you doing there? I wish I had some money to travel like you, so jelly. Psss are you keeping the blonde?

yeah just done with portland. keeping the blonde! aaand you just gotta work hard and force urself to save money! Just a little from each paycheck into your savings cut out expensive drinks or eat at home more and put that cash into the bank it really adds up but ya gotta commit

Anonymous said: Are you planning on any modeling in the near future?

no plans

Anonymous said: Did you go to Asia by yourself? Was it expensive/fun?

yes i went alone, no it wasn’t expensive but it can be if you’re doing it wrong, and it was fricking amazing i don’t even know why i came back djgskrthai

Anonymous said: You're a basic bitch

click once next time dummy 

Anonymous said: You're a basic bitch

the most basic insult 

Anonymous said: hi are u from hell?

hi how’d u guess

Petra Collins
Anonymous said: hi are you from thailand

hi no I was just visiting

Anonymous said: Are you moving to New York?

That’s the plan